Babecation in Costa Mesa


Gold fixtures, velvet couches, and amazing art around every corner are a few words to describe the amazing Avenue of The Arts Hotel in Costa Mesa! The Arts breaks beyond the typical hotel experience with eclectic arts-inspired design, inventive culinary creations, and an ideal location in the Theater and Arts District close to fashion-hub South Coast Plaza. The fact that South Coast Plaza is within walking distance of the hotel made shopping super easy for the fashion bloggers.

Thanks to Travel Costa Mesa, half of the Babes were treated to a fun filled day at South Coast Plaza! The first stop was at Fresh, where all the Babes received facials and lip treatments. Everyone learned important tips on taking care of their skin and lips. Each Babe also walked out with a gift bag filled to the brim with amazing Fresh products like the Soy Face Cleanser and Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask.

Next the Babes got their makeup done at MAC and discovered new makeup products that they had to have! Each girl received personalized make up tips, according to skin tone,  and got to ask any questions they had. Everyone walked out looking like total divas!! The Babes received a gift bag with MAC’s newest products.

The Babes stopped for lunch at AnQi By House of An where the vibe is just right and the food is even better! They even ran into Terrance Howard and, of course, every Babe was freaking out. AnQi was kind enough to come up with a special menu just for the Babes. Every course was exceptionally delicious, especially the award-winning Tombo Tuna Tacos!

Our second group of ladies had a more food-and-beverage focused outing, trying out some of the hot new eateries in Costa Mesa. Thanks again to Travel Costa Mesa for making sure the Babes stopped at the most delicious places! The first stop was to Good Town USA Donuts to help them celebrate their 1-year anniversary. They indulged on their vegan treats in flavors like raspberry pistachio and matcha green tea, while exploring the courtyard at the Lab anti-mall.

Next up, the Babes didn’t have to walk far to explore the the Facade Funhouse. They wandered from room to room to discover that each had its own distinct personality, and they all found the one that spoke to us. All the Babes had a blast taking pictures of each other tossing confetti in the air, making fake calls on the retro phone, and “tagging” in the graffiti room.

All of the excitement and running around had our tummies growling again, so the Babes headed over to Ecco Pizzeria at the Camp. Taking advantage of the stunning December day, they sat outside and ordered a round of cocktails to continue the day of fun and relaxation. From chorizo breakfast pizza, to a chopped salad, to eggs Benedict, the food was incredible and just what they needed.

Continuing their tasting tour of the Camp, our last stop was to The Wine Lab, a science-themed wine bar that serves it’s tasters in glass beakers! The service was spot-on and the staff supremely knowledgeable about every pour on the menu. The Babes wrapped up and headed back to the room, ready for a nap and to reminisce about the experience.

The Babes got ready that evening with products from Vanity Planet. Not your average beauty company! Vanity Planet exists to brings their customers rad products, straightforward benefits, and daring content to help them extract their best. The Babes used their Professional Makeup Brush Collection, Blend Baby Makeup Sponge w/ Silicone Applicator, Clip-Free Curling Wand, the Professional Vibrating Flat Iron, and more! The Babes loved every single product and wanted to take them all home!

Our final morning was filled with caring for our skin! We all used our new Feel Beauty products. Each Babe received a variety of products, including the Self Warming Face Mask! This was most of the girls favorite product. They also loved the Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Masks! Most of the Babes had never seen a charcoal sheet mask before! The Babes’ skin felt fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the week.

The SoCal Blogger Babes first staycation was a total success and the Babes grew closer than ever! Blogging is better with your Babes! Click here to join us!


Milkshake Madness

We received the opportunity to try The Straw last weekend and we were blown away!! This by far is the most adorable milkshake place we have ever been to. You can see the dedication and love the owners have for this business from the moment you step foot inside. Every milkshake has a story and the owners tell it so well!





We loved the interchangeable poetry wall, which is so unique and gives The Straw it’s own personality. They also have more than just milkshakes! The Straw also has coffee and tea that are prepared in the most unique way. For example, the Cotton Tail Coffee is brewed coffee that is sweetened with unflavored cotton candy (totally Instagram worthy!) Scroll to see the babes favorite flavors of the shakes and why they loved them! ❤






My favorite milkshake was The Storm (pictured above), the mix of chocolate and tart blackberries was just the perfect blend of savory and tart plus the overall color of the shake made it super appealing when it came to be insta-worthy! -Ashley 

I loved the Cotton Tail Coffee the most because I am obsessed with coffee and I am always trying to find new coffee shops! I loved that the cotton candy gave it enough sweetness, but it wasn’t overpowering. It is nice to know that a place that is known for their delicious milkshakes also has incredible coffee! -Alee 

I loved the Mr. Grey milkshake! The honey, lavender and earl grey flavors were perfect together. I’m a sucker for anything tea flavored and this did not disappoint! I also loved that it came with a cup of hot earl grey tea to cut the cool creaminess of the shake. Mmmm! –Erin

Vampire campfire was so good! Garlic didn’t sound the best in a milkshake but was oddly delicious. –Felicia

My favorite was the Donkey Kong. I love banana flavored everything. This milkshake had the perfect mix of bananas and chocolate it was just absolutely delicious! -Karen


Exploring Tanaka Farms

We went on a fall-filled adventure to Tanaka Farms last week and it was literally PERFECT! Tanaka Farms has thought of every little detail making this the perfect place for obligatory pumpkin patch pictures. This farm is not only adorable but it is HUGE!! They have wagon rides, a petting zoo, a corn maze, and an abundance of pumpkin fields. We had the lovely Angela Eugene Photography come out and capture these fabulous shots!

81 (1)


A special thanks to Lotta Treats for making the most darling cookies ever. They were just as tasty as they were adorable!! If you need custom cookies in the Orange County area, these are the ones you want!!

Us Babes had a great time mingling with other bloggers and getting those perfect pictures for our individual blogs! It was also fun meeting some of the members’ families and friends. So many connections were being made while fun was being had. It was perfection!

^ Local blogger Jenny @princessturnedmom

A special thanks to Turnip Rose Cafe for donating 2 VIP meal cards! Felicia from @prettypoorthing won them and she is so excited to go try this phenomenal cafe!

Thank you to Vanity Glam for being one of our giveaway sponsors! Lisa from @thislifestyled won a hair cut to her lovely salon in Huntington Beach!